Our Philosophy

It is a joy and privilege to come to work everyday; even on days when things get tough. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on teamwork, we live out our philosophy of leading by example. We have an outstanding team of people who are unconditionally devoted to VonanZa and share the values of integrity and unity. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to grow and develop new skills and take pride in our work for the success and satisfaction of our clients.



We firmly believe that honesty in the workplace is the best way to form strong relationships with our clients. We conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty when proposing optimal solutions for your project.


We understand that respect between our clients and our team is the path to building strong relationships. By abiding to rules, regulations, and specifications of each project we value, care, and protect the environment.


Our primary objective is quality. We are convinced we can achieve quality at a reasonable price.


In the event of any complication, we will propose solutions that are cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately improve functionality.


We believe we can create synergy between you and our team to achieve a product that is both beneficial to society, and promotes community values such as respect and harmony.

Cynthia's Story: Meet the Owner

Building Dreams

Cynthia inherited her love of construction from her father and grandfather. As a young girl, nothing gave her greater joy than accompanying her father to his jobsites. A legend in Chihuahua, Cynthia’s father became the largest builder of housing in the state. He taught her the value of hard work and how to direct a project from the earliest stages of development as well as how to lead and manage workers in the execution of their individual tasks. Cynthia feels fortunate to have experienced her father’s mentorship which helped her become more analytical and independent.

Since moving to El Paso in 2001, Cynthia has been working hard to achieve her personal and professional dreams and serves as an inspiration to others. Little by little, starting from the bottom and making her way up- from stability to success, She has established a stellar reputation for her personal service to clients and for the final quality product she and her team consistently deliver, while earning the respect of colleagues and employees.

SPECIALISTS IN Healthcare Facility Construction

Although our experienced team is qualified to execute projects of diverse natures, we especially excel in the highly complex niche of healthcare facility construction.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU We believe in your dreams and will do whatever it takes to bring them to life

Our goal is to simplify and remove stress and worry from the construction process so that our clients can focus their energies on running their business knowing that they will have the perfect space to conduct operations once their project is completed.

Dental Offices

Hospital Facilities

Care Centers


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